My name is Simon Kenny, I was born and live in Manchester, England. My interest and passion for photography came about through my love of film and acting.

I have been interested in the acting side of film for as long as I can remember, taking many, many acting classes over the years and appearing in a number of plays, short films and the odd feature film. My journey in acting led me into presenting and producing corporate videos for businesses and companies, large and small.

Getting to understand the camera for these video productions forced me to get to understand the camera as a whole;  as I dug deeper into such things as aperture, shutter speed and ISO, in order to understand exposure, I began experimenting with still shots more and more. This is where my real passion for the still image began and as my interest and skills grew, more and more people asked me to take their picture.

Now still photography is as much a part of my life and business as video production is.

I am happy taking pictures in most styles but my real love is portrait photography. Coming from a video background, I tend to use continuous lighting as opposed to flash or strobe lighting for my portraiture. I find I get a much more flattering skin tone with this type of lighting and I love experimenting with the catch lights in the subject’s eyes.

Pop on over to my personal Instagram page to find out more about me in photos.

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Located in Bury, Lancashire

Simon Kenny
Simon Kenny